Welcome to the Bowsing Around the World! This is my new and improved travel/food blog. It has finally occurred to me to consolidate all of my travel blogs for ease of browsing. I have left my original travel blogs on tumblr (see below) to remind me/us of the good old times. Speaking of the good old times, I have even imported my China travel posts from my Blogger account. I have, however, separately exported my food blog to bowsingnomnoms and will be updating it separately, since it does not fit my travel theme. I tried my best to reformat everything to be cosmetically pleasing; however, I am aware there may be some minor inconsistencies. Life is not perfect, and it’s ok. Looking back, I am also aware there are some possible typos/grammatical errors here and there, so I apologize. Fun fact: most of my posts were originally typed using my phone using “notes” while I was on the road and then uploaded to Tumblr when I had access to internet or when I returned home. I have purchased a portable bluetooth keyboard in preparation for my next trip (coming soon!!) to minimize typographical errors and also so I will not end up with thumb cramps. Hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

Old Tumblr Blogs:
Costa Rica