I love traveling. I love food. I love blogging. So why not combine all these interests into a travel/food blog? I already had an amateur personal blog using Blogger dating back to 2007. While I was traveling in China in 2010, I realized I had a lot of idle time during my bus rides between destinations, so I started blogging using my phone onto the same blog. It has become a habit since, although I have migrated to Tumblr and now WordPress.

Why “Bowsing”?

I understand that I am not using the word correctly. I am not intending to haul or hoist anything. I was given the nickname “Tangybowser” one fall day in 2009 when I was discussing my aspirations to be a YouTube star. Since then, I used “Bowsing” as a play on word of my nickname and how it also reminds me of the word “browsing”, which is quite in keeping with my traveling theme. I swear it made sense in my head at that time.