China Day 4: Hangzhou – Yiwu – Hengdian

Highlight: chinese specialty #1-tea farm! Got to taste AA and emperor grade green tea here and learnt a lot about tea. Awesome guide with and great sense of humour!

Lowlight: hotel. I’m sorry but with my keen sense of smell, this doesn’t cut it.

Weirdest experience: went to the Hengdian’s Chinese-style Universal Studios and noticed something must be wrong when I saw everyone with a bucket. Watched a show which started like some Chinese opera but then water started flooding the arena. Rave music plays then people started splashing each other with water using their buckets…wow…quite the experience. So that’s what young kids do here to entertain themselves.


China Day 3: Shanghai – Hangzhou

Yes. I will start with day 3 because apparently day 1 and 2 consists of travel time and the time difference. Actually, day 2 was notable because we found dinner for less than $2 cad per person! The hotel in shanghai is pretty nice considering they provided us with a ionizing hair dryer! I should really invest in one of these. They’re awesome!

Ok day 3.
Highlight: Sung dynasty musical – with real horses, rain on the audience, moving seats, beautiful performers and extravagant sets, it can’t get any better than this.


Fun facts:
– Hangzhou is supposedly the city with some of the prettiest girls in China.
– you are not supposed to call girls xiao jie here. It means prostitute. Use gu niang instead.
– there are a lot of trees in Hangzhou; hence, 杭州看樹頭
– they have a bixi bike service here! Get on it vancouver!
– umbrellas symbolizes love here stemming from the white snake tale. If someone offers you an umbrella here and you take it, it means you have accepted their love 🙂